Original Xiaomi Malaysia Mi Polarized Explorer Sunglasses (Black - Grey)

Mi Polarized Explorer Sunglasses MY Set-Grey
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Xiaomi TS STR004-0120 Polarized Sunglasses UV Protection Outdoor Sports Cycling Driving Sunglasses for Men WomenThe sunglasses are made with polarized TAC lenses and TR90 frame, UV protection and super light, perfect for traveling, driving, shopping and other outdoor activities. Features: Polarized TAC lenses can filter out reflected glare, and protect your eyes from long term damage by blocking harmful UV rays. TR90 frame makes the sunglases super light, weighs only 18 grams, will not cause discomfort while wearing the glasses. Ergonomic legs fit human faces perfectly, very comfortable to wear. Suitable for driving, traveling, shopping, party and other outdoor activities.



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-15% Original Xiaomi Malaysia Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses (Black)
Original Xiaomi Malaysia Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses (Black)
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Mi TS Polarized Sunglasses MY

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