Original nShhaz Booster Whitening Premium (3g x 20 sachet)

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  • White skin 10x double.
    The skin becomes pinkish as early as 7 days.
    Get rid of old scars.
    Narrow the pore open.
    Take care of the skin from the inside.
    Shrink it OFF
    Get rid of toxins in your home
    Skinny, moist & pink skin
    Eliminates black pigmentation and acne and eye pockets
    Tightens wrinkled skin to look youthful
    Increases blood circulation throughout the body.
    Tightens skin tone throughout the body.
    Softens skin like baby skin.
    Breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to eat booster whitening PREMIUM is good for skin and baby has bright skin.
    It can prevent cancer.

very tasty flavor, (passion fruit)

1box per month.

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Fast delivery. Recommended. Thabks seller.
المنتح يعالج البشرة من داخل ويفتح مررره لووونها ، شكرا لسوق اي رمان لبيعكم هالمنتجات الحلوه
منتح رهييييب ما تتخيلون قد ايش فتتتتح وجهي ، والتغليف بطل

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